Iran in talks for US$4.5 billion subsea gas pipeline

Source: Pipelines International

Negotiations are underway to build an undersea gas pipeline as part of efforts to export natural gas to India, Business Today has reported.

Iran, the world’s largest holder of gas reserves, has reportedly said that negotiations are underway to lay a 1,400 km, US$4.5 billion undersea gas pipeline to Gujarat, western India, after India declined the option of a land line passing through Pakistan.

The pipeline will take natural gas from southern Iran via the Oman Sea and Indian Ocean to Gujarat state.
National Iranian Gas Export Company Managing Director Alireza Kameli reportedly said the pipeline will carry 31.5 MMm3/day.

The pipeline would reportedly be built within two years, following the necessary approvals and after a gas sale and purchase agreement is signed.
According to reports, Iran has already been in talks with New Delhi-based South Asia Gas Enterprise regarding construction of the pipeline.